BFRND’s Playlist


‘It is not just some random techno track playing while the show takes place. The music and the looks change at the same time, to reveal parallel stories.’


It’s hard to appreciate the sheer visceral nature of the Balenciaga runway experience until you’ve been physically immersed in it.

Thunderous techno, twisted electronica, anxiety-inducing industrial goth rock, and a cinematic orchestration that makes the soundtrack to the average Bourne chase sequence feel like a Disney score. Anyone who’s felt the Balenciaga show soundtracks (the volume’s always turned up to 11) will attest to the inimitable pounding that the music impresses on both body and mind.

All are the work of French musician BFRND. As the husband of Demna, show composer and model (thanks to his pitch-perfect, on-brand look), he occupies a unique place in the modern-day Balenciaga landscape. His physical and cultural proximity to Demna’s world allows him to embed his highly emotive sounds deep into every show’s concept and meaning.

Press play to enter the world of Balenciaga. With a System playlist by BFRND.

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