Burberry September 2016



Burberry’s next-generation move, documented by the students of Juergen Teller.

Photographs by Julie Batteux, Hannah Gebauer, David Haeuser, Claudia Holzinger, Christoph Kipp, Marie-Julie Loerch, Mateusz von Motz, Dominik Piotrowski, Alfred Rohn, Tomasz Skibicki, Michael Ullrich, Lilly Urbat.

Shortly after its hugely polarizing see-now-buy-now announcement was made in February, Burberry gave us a call. Would System be interested in examining the company’s inner workings as it made its idea a reality and launched its first straight-to-store collection?

There was talk of ‘unprecedented access’: CEO and creative director Christopher Bailey could be interviewed on multiple occasions, and we could photograph him, the company’s offices, factories, models, staff, and, most importantly, the crucial show and store debut of the soberly titled ‘September’ collection. We quickly realized that the people best suited to chronicling an operational shift being sold as forward thinking were the people who might actually be affected by Burberry’s long-term plans. Fashion’s next generation.

So we contacted Central Saint Martins to find a promising student fashion writer. Then Juergen Teller suggested that he and 12 of his students from the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Nuremberg share the photographic assignments.

Burberry gamely agreed to our idea. The result was the above portfolio of Juergen Teller’s students’ work, and 14 pages of dialogue between student, Hannah Rogers, and Christopher Bailey in System No. 8. Both are testament to what Christopher told Hannah: ‘It’s always worth trying something different, something new.’

Read the interview in System No. 8 – Click to buy