Charlotte Casiraghi by Collier Schorr


‘It’s about being masculine and feminine at the same time.’

Charlotte Casiraghi mans up in this season’s Gucci.

Photographs by Collier Schorr, styling by R. R.

Photographer Collier Schorr came to fashion from a fine-art background, so it’s hard not to think her work seeped in subtext, as it challenges and confronts constructed ideals of identity and gender. So what happens when you take clothing already considered gender-fluid – like Gucci’s recent menswear – and slip it onto a woman in front of the camera? Particularly when that woman is Charlotte Casiraghi, a Gucci muse with a royal bloodline, whose identity is inextricably linked to archetypes attributed to her film-star grandmother, the late Grace Kelly, and the role of a Princess?

A portfolio, lensed by Schorr, and a strangely rare conversation between photographer and subject in System 8 seeks to explore that. ‘I’ve never before felt the sense of collaboration so strongly with a subject’, Collier said. ‘Every photographer should do this.’

The full editorial and conversation in System No. 8 – Click to buy