‘What Chengdu wants, Chinese millenials want.’

Welcome to China’s new luxury playground.

By Hung Huang
Photographs by Feng Li
Styling by Vanessa Reid


“His name is Deng Hong. Deng is the family name, like Deng Xiaoping, also a man from Sichuan province, of which Chengdu is the provincial capital. In 2011, Deng Hong wanted to invite Lady Gaga to do a concert in Chengdu. Despite my protests, a mutual friend convinced him that I was the person who could bring her to Chengdu. I was instantly given a first-class ticket to fly to the central Chinese city and when I arrived, a peach-coloured Rolls was waiting for me at the VIP exit…”

In the latest issue of System, Hung Huang pens a poignantly witty piece about China’s eighth biggest city, Chengdu. Quickly becoming fashion’s newest playground, and currently the third biggest luxury market in the country, it is where Chanel’s first Chinese runway show was hosted, and where cosmetics are sold more than anywhere else in China.

Read the full piece which spans from street kebab scars, to $20.000 bonuses, gangster outfits and Zaha Hadid commissions. Click to buy.