The Fashion Hysteria Questionnaire:
Alexa Chung

By Loïc Prigent

Questionnaire. Alexa Chung. - © System Magazine

What are your three favourite lies?

‘It’s delicious!’ ‘I love you, too.’ ‘Don’t worry, he’ll come running back.’

What does the Alexa Chung woman really want?

We’re hopefully on the same page, in which case, she wants clothes that make her feel understood and seen. She wants something timeless and timely.

What’s the newest thing in your wardrobe that you adore?

I bought a shirt in Hollywood in this vintage T-shirt shop that was next to a coffee shop. I’m addicted to flat white coffees, you see. Anyway, this shirt has a collage of famous people from the 1950s on it,
like Marilyn Monroe, and it’s screenprinted in brown and white. It sounds gross when I describe it and I suppose it kind of is – and that’s why I love it.

When is the last time you screamed for fashion?

Screamed? I burned a hole with a wayward cigarette in the skirt of an Erdem dress that I had borrowed, at (ironically) the Chiltern Firehouse and I screamed. Actually, I have a very low voice and I haven’t been able to scream since I was small, so it’s matured into more of a yell. It’s more of a ‘arghahahhhhhhhhhggghhhh!’

Which designer can put you in a state of hysteria?

That’s too much. Nothing would make me hysterical, but I do really adore Mrs. Prada.

What is the too-much that is not enough?


What is your favourite maximalist fashion moment?

I was there when Chanel wheeled an iceberg in as the backdrop for the show; that was fairly spectacular.

What is your favourite fashion joke?

I just Googled ‘fashion jokes’ and the results were dire, which makes me think there is no such thing as a fashion joke – and that’s funny.

How do you transform a boring dinner into a legendary fashion party?

Instigate a game of musical chairs.

Do you design better when drunk or hungover?

Probably hungover because the maximum I can do is respond instinctively.

Can you define the perfect sunglasses?

I like the ones Scott Walker wore.

What do you tell your team so they’ll work two more sleepless nights before the show?

I actually ask them to calm me down, not the other way around.

How can unsexy fashion become sexy?

Everything has the potential to be sexy, it just depends what you’re into…

Taken from System No. 12.