‘The Derek Blasberg Questionnaire’

By Loïc Prigent

Questionnaire. Derek Blasberg. - © System Magazine

What was the best thing you learned from Karl Lagerfeld?

A sharp wit is the most stylish thing in the world.

What’s your favourite app for communicating?

I love e-mail and despise talking on the phone.

How many hours did you spend yesterday on your phone?

A little under four.

How many e-mails did you receive yesterday?

I would try and add them up from my various e-mail accounts, but the sum would be too depressing to know.

Who is the last person you text before going to sleep?

Depends where I’m sleeping.

What makes a good fashion party?

Guest list, guest list, guest list.

Which is the best part of the Met Gala?


Which is the best airline in the world?

I love the Eurostar.

Which is the best hotel in the world?

Ritz Paris in the winter and Hotel Cipriani in Venice in the summer.

Which star still leaves you star-struck?

Barack Obama.

What is the first question you’d ask Martin Margiela?

I guess I’d ask, ‘Are you Martin?’

What is the first question you’d ask Valentino?

Where’d you get your plates?

What’s your tip for conducting a good interview with Anna Wintour?

Be on time, and on time is 15 minutes early.

Can you define the new spontaneity we see these days on YouTube?

When YouTube content is good, it has three As: aspiration, authenticity and advice.

Who are your five favourite fashion YouTubers?

Only five? Emma Chamberlain, Colin Furze, James Charles, Rickey Thompson, and Naomi Campbell.

What part of the New York attitude would you bring to the Parisians?

Service with a smile.

Taken from System No. 13.