Editors’ letter

What do we talk about? What are we looking at?

The situation we’ve all been navigating of late has certainly thrown up some profound questions. The type that might trigger all manner of responses from a magazine such as System. We could have begun loftily deliberating over the future of fashion. Started issuing open letters. Offering solutions. Announcing calls to action. Or simply doing nothing at all. Pressing pause. Opting out. Awaiting a return to less turbulent times.

In the end, we decided to do what comes most naturally to a magazine that has always aimed to explore the people and the dialogues at the heart of fashion. We reached out to some people in the industry.

We asked a selection of fashion designers to chat with friends, heroes, colleagues, confidants, or each other – before inviting them all to dial in and be captured remotely by Juergen Teller’s ever-playful eye.

And we asked the industry’s art directors to deliver a fashion portfolio, using the limitations of the moment as a catalyst to explore and reveal what it is they do.

We are sincerely grateful to every single person who has had a hand in the following pages. This issue of System would be nothing without you.

Taken from System No. 15.