The Gio Questionnaire: Giovanna Engelbert

By Loïc Prigent

Questionnaire. Giovanna Engelbert. - © System Magazine

Tell me, what have you learned since you started working and designing at Swarovski?

I started here during the pandemic and the fact that we still managed to relaunch such a big brand has taught me that everything is possible.

How many Louis Vuitton bags do you own?

Not enough. There are never enough…

Which is the best airline?

I’ll fly with anyone right now; I miss flying.

Which is the best hotel in the world?

Suvretta House in St Moritz.

What did you learn from Franca Sozzani?

The way to work.

Everybody remembers your name, but what’s your trick when you’ve forgotten the name of someone you’re introduced to?

I introduce them to the person next to me – and hope that they’ve never met before.

Which qualities does a good model need to succeed and last in the business?

Intellect, passion and grace.

Which is better: two big rings or ten smaller rings?

We have two hands, so go with both!

Pick your three favourite Barbara Kruger quotes.

‘Your body is a battleground.’ ‘Fear and hate will make you small, bitter, and mean.’ ‘I shop therefore I am.’

Do you have any wisdom about really fancy wedding dresses that you wish to pass on to future generations of brides?

Make your dream come true! Don’t think about anyone else – it’s your happiness that counts. And don’t forget that happiness could also mean wearing a simple white T-shirt. It all depends on your mindset.

You’re stuck in the same fashion show for a year, but you can choose the two people you get to sit between and the brand.

That’s a good one! Anna Dello Russo would be great fun at a Gucci or Balenciaga show. Or, maybe a Louis Vuitton show, so I could also visit the Louvre and enjoy the great music – the soundtrack for the last show was epic. And it would be with Alexia from System!

What would a Giovanna × Gio Ponti collaboration – it’s called Giovanna Ponti! – look like?


Which three new designers can’t you stop wearing?

Chopova Lowena; Wales Bonner; Bode.

When did you discover you could inspire people?

I hope that I’ve been inspiring people with my editorial work ever since I started at Vogue Italia and L’Uomo Vogue.

Who has the best laugh?

Gwendoline Christie.

Who is the funniest person in fashion? (Deliberately funny, of course!)

Anna Dello Russo, and Stefano Gabbana when he’s in the mood. Azzedine was really funny, too.

Taken from System No. 17.