‘Parallel turns’

By Remo Ruffini & Thom Browne.

Thom Browne & Remo Ruffini on their enduring Moncler collaboration.

Face à face. Parallel turns. - © System Magazine

Thom on Remo
Everything that Remo [president and creative director at Moncler] represents is always just the best of everything. There is so much to respect: his intelligence, his refined taste and commitment to quality. They allow him to take commercial ideas and not to make them boring or hollow. I think he is very rare in the way that he conducts himself both in business and dealing with people – it’s not just about the products but individuals.

Face à face. Parallel turns. - © System Magazine

Remo on Thom
After attending my first Thom Browne show, I knew I had to work with him! To combine his bespoke tailoring and world of references with our sportswear was a very strong proposition for the market. I’m always struck by the concepts behind the presentations we’ve done together, by his ability to transform niche intellectual ideas into marketable experiences and products that are very easy to sell. I always say we must be as unique as we can, and Thom is a big part of that uniqueness.

Taken from System No. 6.