The Saint-Germain questionnaire. Julie de Libran.

By Loïc Prigent
Portrait by David Bailey

The Saint-Germain questionnaire. Julie de Libran. - © System Magazine

Loic Prigent: What’s your favourite street in Saint-Germain?

Julie de Libran: The Boulevard Saint-Germain.

If the Café de Flore’s Club Rykiel is a club sandwich without the bread or the mayonnaise, what would the Club de Libran consist of?

Hard-boiled eggs.

What’s the perfect time to be at the Café de Flore?

7pm. Aperitif time.

What’s the perfect time to be at Chez Castel?

I love having dinner at 9pm at Castel, then staying to dance.

Pain au chocolat or croissant?

Pain au chocolat.

Cigar or pipe?

For me or my man?

It’s said that Sonia Rykiel is both mad and a liar. Which of these qualities do you share with her?


Which book is the Rykiel woman devouring this season?

4 décembre, Nathalie [Rykiel]’s new book.

Greco or de Beauvoir?


Bardot or Birkin?


Kendall or Gigi?


How high should a high-heel be?

Twelve centimetres.

Why wear fur?

Out of nonchalance.

When you’re doing all-night fittings, what song do you have on repeat?

Hijk by C.A.R.

What’s best to drink before a Juergen Teller photo shoot in Saint-Germain?

Red wine.

What’s the best design advice Marc Jacobs ever gave you?

Attention to detail.

What’s the best professional advice Yves Carcelle ever gave you?

Attention to quality.

What’s the best life advice Sonia Rykiel ever gave you?

Don’t be afraid to say no.

What’s the best advice you’d give to a woman who doesn’t live in Saint-Germain?

Laugh and have fun.

Taken from System No. 6.