The kissy questionnaire. Lily McMenamy.

By Loïc Prigent

The kissy questionnaire. Lily McMenamy. - © System Magazine

Loïc Prigent: Tell me everything about your first romantic kiss!

Lily McMenamy: Aside from me and my forearm, it was with a male model in my father’s nightclub. I told him I was four years older than I actually was. My dad had spies everywhere, but I went in for it anyway. ‘Close To Me’ by The Cure played in the background; the heavens parted.

How long was your longest kiss?

My kiss with the sweet breath of life – ongoing.

Can you give us an alternative word for ‘duck face’?

My thinking face.

Can you give us an alternative word for ‘rouge’?

Energizing mouth-paint.

Who do you kiss the most?

My stuffed animal, Divine.

You know the fashion circuit. So, who is the best kisser? Parisians, the Milanese, Londoners or New Yorkers?

None of the above.

When, and where, is it OK to distribute fashion kisses?

Endless surface kisses should be distributed in fashionable scenarios. Mwah, mwah, mwah…

To gloss or not to gloss, and why?

Nein! Never! Gloss is gross.

Bright and bold lips, or au naturel?

Depends on what – or who – you’re in the mood for.

PDA – yay or nay?


What’s your French-kissing tip for boys?

Do not suck.

What’s your French-kissing tip for girls?

Do not mentally plan your next meal.

What do you think of people spending a fortune to have wonderful lips like yours?

Have them.

One kiss on the cheek, two or three?

Two. Three is ghastly to a Parisian, and one is very forward.

In which place would you most want to kiss?

By an erupting volcano, perhaps.

Taken from System No. 9.