Norbert Schoerner & Katie Grand


‘Quite frankly
I love Miuccia.’

Katie Grand on why Miuccia Prada is the best-dressed woman on the planet.

Films directed by Norbert Schoerner, styled by Katie Grand.

Quite frankly I love Miuccia – always have, always will. And if I could have anything in the world it would be her clothing and jewellery archive. She’s the best-dressed woman on the planet; no one else comes close. There’s already a lot of Prada and Miu Miu in my own archive, of course, which we used for this System shoot. Of all the pieces exhibited in Pradasphere – the 2014 travelling retrospective of definitive Prada looks from Miuccia’s personal collection – I have about 90 percent in my own. On the opening night of Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations, an exhibition at the Met in New York in 2012, I was fortunate enough to wear one of Miuccia’s own skirts from the Autumn/Winter 2000 Prada collection, which went on to feature in Pradasphere.

For System, we ended up using the shoes from my archive – a model-friendly size 40/41 – as those in the Prada archive are Miuccia’s own, and at size 37 they’re too small. For the same reason, it was my Prada footwear that featured in the shoots for the Impossible Conversations exhibition catalogue.

We tend to like the same pieces, and there’s definitely a mutual influence in what we wear. When I go to see her I’ll turn up in Prada, and sometimes Miuccia will ring the store to try on the same piece herself. It works the other way round, too: I’m often inspired to buy something she’s wearing. We’ve both been wearing the Miu Miu Autumn/ Winter 2016 pearl shearling slippers all summer (I have six pairs of them). We were wearing them when the conversation we had for System took place at Prada HQ in Milan during preparations for the Spring/Summer 2017 Miu Miu show.

Miuccia was wearing hers with trousers (because, as she tells me, ‘This is a period when I like trousers’) and we sat in her office – the famous one with the Carsten Höller escape chute – drinking sparkling water with lemon juice.

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