Past, Present and Future: A Podcast Series From System


Past, Present
and Future

A podcast series from System

Past, Present and Future is a new podcast series from System magazine. In each episode, we invite the biggest names from the worlds of fashion and the arts to chat about where they’re from, where they’re currently at, and where all of us might be heading.

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Series 1, Episode 1
Rem Koolhaas

The guest of our debut episode is Dutch architect, urbanist, theorist, and all-round big thinker Rem Koolhaas. With his architecture firm OMA, Rem conjures up the kind of buildings that are as spectacular as they are challenging, mixing intense research and investigation with a taste for avant-garde design. In Asia, he’s delivered projects such as the monumental Beijing headquarters of China’s state broadcasting company, CCTV, while in America his work includes the intricate and multi-layered Seattle Central Library. Then there’s his 20-year collaboration with Prada, working continuously on the brand’s shops, set design and its art foundation in Milan.

More than any single building though, Rem is perhaps best known for being a kind of one-man think tank, travelling the world and bringing his experiences and encounters into new architecture, new books, new exhibitions, and above all, new ideas.

Press play to listen to Rem Koolhaas reminiscing about why his childhood was too adventurous for Lego, why he thinks the word ‘icon’ should be banished, and why the future of architecture might just be biology – and don’t forget to subscribe to Past, Present and Future to hear each new episode as soon as it drops.

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Portrait by Willy Vanderperre
Podcast music by Frédéric Sanchez