The showtime questionnaire: Jean Paul Gaultier


The showtime
Jean Paul Gaultier

By Loïc Prigent

System Magazine – Jean Paul Gaultier by Gorka Postigo

What’s your favourite show of this year?
My Fashion Freak Show – ‘Le freak, c’est chic’.

I hope there’s a teddy bear in your show. Has the teddy-bear casting already happened?
Yes, the teddy bears have been chosen. There were a lot of applicants; it was very hard to decide, but the only real star is Nana Mouskouri.

What are the main qualities needed for this fundamental role?
The ability to wear conical breasts and glasses.

What’s the best city to party in?
Arcueil. Just kidding. Les Folies Bergère in Paris.

How do you remain anonymous at a party?
I don’t go.

Fabric has a direction, but does life?
Just like fabric, life can be straight or cut on the bias.

Who has the right to say no to you?
My conscience.

Who do you always say yes to?

Your life has already been portrayed in a photo story. Has anyone offered to make it into a film?
Are you ready to do it?

Who would play you, aged 20, working at Pierre Cardin?
Eddy de Pretto, and I was 18, not 20.

What are you most addicted to?

What’s your drag name?
Dolly Prane.

Who is the surprise finale model you still dream of having?
Queen Elizabeth II.

What’s your favourite show of your whole career?
The first one.

What’s your favourite dessert?
My boyfriend’s banana cake.

Which is your favourite sin?
I love them all.

Why is Paris still the capital of fashion?
Paris is fashion because fashion is Paris.